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SRVCTL comands in Oracle RAC

SRVCTL COmands in Oracle RAC

SRVCTL: (Server Control utility)
srvctl command target [options]
srvctl -help or srvctl -vsrvctl -V -- prints version  srvctl version: (or) srvctl version: -h -- print usagesrvctl status service –h


srvctl remove database -d db_name [-f]srvctl remove database -d prod
srvctl start database -d db_name [-o start_options] [-c connect_str|-q]srvctl start database -d db_name [-o open]srvctl start database -d db_name -o nomountsrvctl start database -d db_name -o mount
srvctl start db -d prodsrvctl start database -d apps -o open

srvctl stop database -d db_name [-o stop_options] [-c connect_str|-q]
srvctl stop database -d db_name [-o normal]
srvctl stop database -d db_name -o transactional
srvctl stop database -d db_name -o immediate
srvctl stop database -d db_name -o abort
srvctl stop db -d crm -o immediate

srvctl status database -d db_name [-f] [-v] [-S level]
srvctl status database -d db_name -v service_name
srvctl status database -d hrms

srvctl enable database -d db_namesrvctl enable database -d vis

srvctl disable database -d db_namesrvctl disable db -d vis
srvctl config database
srvctl config database -d db_name [-a] [-t]
srvctl config databasesrvctl config database -d HYD -a

srvctl modify database -d db_name [-n db_name] [-o ORACLE_HOME] [-m domain_name] [-p spfile]
srvctl modify database -d hrms -r physical_standby
srvctl modify db -d RAC -p /u03/oradata/RAC/spfileRAC.ora -- moves p filesrvctl modify database –d HYD –o /u01/app/oracle/product/11.1/db –s open
srvctl getenv database -d db_name [-t name_list]
srvctl getenv database -d prod
srvctl setenv database -d db_name {-t name=val[,name=val,...]|-T name=val}
srvctl setenv database –d HYD –t “TNS_ADMIN=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.1/asm/network/admin”srvctl setenv db -d prod -t LANG=en
srvctl unsetenv database -d db_name [-t name_list]
srvctl unsetenv database -d prod -t CLASSPATH

srvctl add database -d db_unique_name -o ORACLE_HOME [-x node_name] [-m domain_name] [-p spfile] [-r {PRIMARY|PHYSICAL_STANDBY|LOGICAL_STANDBY|SNAPSHOT_STANDBY}] [-s start_options] [-t stop_options] [-n db_name] [-y {AUTOMATIC|MANUAL}] [-g server_pool_list] [-a "diskgroup_list"]

srvctl add database -d prod -o /u01/oracle/product/112/prod -m -p +dg1/prod/spfileprod.ora -r PRIMARY -s open -t normal -n db2 -y AUTOMATIC -g svrpool1,svrpool2 -a "dg1,dg2"
srvctl remove database -d db_unique_name [-f] [-y] [-v]
srvctl remove database -d prod -y
srvctl stop database -d db_unique_name [-o stop_options] [-f]
srvctl stop database -d dev -f
srvctl status database -d db_unique_name [-f] [-v]
srvctl status db -d sat -v
srvctl enable database -d db_unique_name [-n node_name]
srvctl enable database -d vis -n lnx01
srvctl disable database -d db_unique_name [-n node_name]
srvctl disable db -d vis -n lnx03
srvctl config database [-d db_unique_name [-a]]
srvctl config db -d db_erp -a
srvctl modify database -d db_unique_name [-n db_name] [-o ORACLE_HOME] [-u oracle_user] [-m domain] [-p spfile] [-r {PRIMARY|PHYSICAL_STANDBY|LOGICAL_STANDBY|SNAPSHOT_STANDBY}] [-s start_options] [-t stop_options] [-y {AUTOMATIC|MANUAL}] [-g "server_pool_list"] [-a "diskgroup_list"|-z]
srvctl modify db -d prod -r logical_standbysrvctl modify database -d racTest -a "SYSFILES,LOGS,OLTP"srvctl modify database -d ronedb -e rac1,rac2
srvctl relocate database -d db_unique_name {[-n target_node] [-w timeout] | -a [-r]} [-v]
srvctl relocate database -d rontest -n node2
srvctl relocate database -d rone2db -n lnxrac2 -w 120 -v

srvctl convert database -d ....
srvctl convert database -d ronedb -c RAC -n rac1
srvctl convert database -d ronedb -c RACONENODE -i RoneDB


srvctl add instance –d db_name –i inst_name -n node_namesrvctl add instance -d prod -i prod01 -n linux01

srvctl remove instance –d db_name –i inst_name [-f]
srvctl remove instance -d prod -i prod01

srvctl start instance -d db_name -i inst_names [-o start_options] [-c connect_str|-q]
srvctl start instance –d db_name –i inst_names [-o open]
srvctl start instance –d db_name –i inst_names -o nomount
srvctl start instance –d db_name –i inst_names -o mount
srvctl start instance –d dev -i dev2

srvctl stop instance -d db_name -i inst_names [-o stop_options] [-c connect_str|-q]
srvctl stop instance –d db_name –i inst_names [-o normal]
srvctl stop instance –d db_name –i inst_names -o transactional
srvctl stop instance –d db_name –i inst_names -o immediate
srvctl stop instance –d db_name –i inst_names -o abort
srvctl stop inst –d vis -i vis

srvctl status instance –d db_name –i inst_names [-f] [-v] [-S level]
srvctl status inst –d racdb -i racdb2

srvctl enable instance –d db_name –i inst_namessrvctl enable instance -d prod -i "prod1,prod2"

srvctl disable instance –d db_name –i inst_namessrvctl disable inst -d prod -i "prod1,prod3"
srvctl modify instance -d db_name -i inst_name {-s asm_inst_name|-r} -- set dependency of instance to ASMsrvctl modify instance -d db_name -i inst_name -n node_name -- move the instancesrvctl modify instance -d db_name -i inst_name -r -- remove the instance
srvctl getenv instance –d db_name –i inst_name [-t name_list]
srvctl setenv instance –d db_name [–i inst_name] {-t "name=val[,name=val,...]" | -T "name=val"}
srvctl unsetenv instance –d db_name [–i inst_name] [-t name_list]

srvctl start instance -d db_unique_name {-n node_name -i "instance_name_list"} [-o start_options]

srvctl start instance -d prod -n node2srvctl start inst -d prod -i "prod2,prod3"
srvctl stop instance -d db_unique_name {[-n node_name]|[-i "instance_name_list"]} [-o stop_options] [-f]
srvctl stop inst -d prod -n node1srvctl stop instance -d prod -i prod1
srvctl status instance -d db_unique_name {-n node_name | -i "instance_name_list"} [-f] [-v]
srvctl status instance -d prod -i "prod1,prod2" -v
srvctl modify instance -d db_unique_name -i instance_name {-n node_name|-z}
srvctl modify instance -d prod -i prod1 -n mynodesrvctl modify inst -d prod -i prod1 -z


srvctl add service -d db_name -s service_name -r pref_insts [-a avail_insts] [-P TAF_policy]
srvctl add service -d db_name -s service_name -u {-r "new_pref_inst" | -a "new_avail_inst"}
srvctl add service -d RAC -s PRD -r RAC01,RAC02 -a RAC03,RAC04
srvctl add serv -d CRM -s CRM -r CRM1 -a CRM3 -P basic

srvctl remove service -d db_name -s service_name [-i inst_name] [-f]
srvctl remove serv -d dev -s salessrvctl remove service -d dev -s sales -i dev01,dev02

srvctl start service -d db_name [-s service_names [-i inst_name]] [-o start_options]
srvctl start service -d db_name -s service_names [-o open]
srvctl start service -d db_name -s service_names -o nomount
srvctl start service -d db_name -s service_names -o mount
srvctl start serv -d dwh -s dwh

srvctl stop service -d db_name [-s service_names [-i inst_name]] [-f]
srvctl stop serv -d dwh -s dwh

srvctl status service -d db_name [-s service_names] [-f] [-v] [-S level]srvctl status service -d dev -s dev

srvctl enable service -d db_name -s service_names [–i inst_name]srvctl enable service -d apps -s apps1
srvctl disable service -d db_name -s service_names [–i inst_name]
srvctl disable serv -d dev -s dev -i dev1
srvctl config service -d db_name [-s service_name] [-a] [-S level]
srvctl config service -d db_name -a -- -a shows TAF configurationsrvctl config service -d TEST -s test PREF:TST1 AVAIL:TST2
srvctl modify service -d db_name -s service_name -i old_inst_name -t new_inst_name [-f]
srvctl modify service -d db_name -s service_name -i avail_inst_name -r [-f]
srvctl modify service -d db_name -s service_name -n -i preferred_list [-a available_list] [-f]
srvctl modify service -d db_name -s service_name -i old_inst_name -a avail_inst -P TAF_policy
srvctl modify serv -d PROD -s DWH -n -i I1,I2,I3,I4 -a I5,I6
srvctl relocate service -d db_name -s service_name –i old_inst_name -t target_inst [-f]
srvctl getenv service -d db_name -s service_name -t name_list
srvctl setenv service -d db_name [-s service_name] {-t "name=val[,name=val,...]" | -T "name=val"}
srvctl unsetenv service -d db_name -s service_name -t name_list

srvctl add service -d db_unique_name -s service_name [-l [PRIMARY][,PHYSICAL_STANDBY][,LOGICAL_STANDBY][,SNAPSHOT_STANDBY]] [-y {AUTOMATIC|MANUAL}] [-q {true|false}] [-j {SHORT|LONG}] [-B {NONE|SERVICE_TIME|THROUGHPUT}][-e {NONE|SESSION|SELECT}] [-m {NONE|BASIC}][-z failover_retries] [-w failover_delay]srvctl add service -d db_unique_name -s service_name [-l [PRIMARY][,PHYSICAL_STANDBY][,LOGICAL_STANDBY][,SNAPSHOT_STANDBY]] [-y {AUTOMATIC|MANUAL}] [-q {true|false}] [-j {SHORT|LONG}] [-B {NONE|SERVICE_TIME|THROUGHPUT}][-e {NONE|SESSION|SELECT}] [-m {NONE|BASIC}][-z failover_retries] [-w failover_delay]srvctl add service -d rac -s rac1 -q TRUE -m BASIC -e SELECT -z 180 -w 5 -j LONG
srvctl add service -d db_unique_name -s service_name -u {-r preferred_list | -a available_list}
srvctl add service -d db_unique_name -s service_name-g server_pool [-c {UNIFORM|SINGLETON}] [-k network_number][-l [PRIMARY|PHYSICAL_STANDBY|LOGICAL_STANDBY|SNAPSHOT_STANDBY][-y {AUTOMATIC|MANUAL}] [-q {TRUE|FALSE}] [-j {SHORT|LONG}][-B {NONE|SERVICE_TIME|THROUGHPUT}] [-e {NONE|SESSION|SELECT}][-m {NONE|BASIC}] [-P {BASIC|NONE|PRECONNECT}] [-x {TRUE|FALSE}][-z failover_retries] [-w failover_delay]
srvctl add service -d db_unique_name -s service_name -r preferred_list [-a available_list] [-P {BASIC|NONE|PRECONNECT}][-l [PRIMARY|PHYSICAL_STANDBY|LOGICAL_STANDBY|SNAPSHOT_STANDBY][-y {AUTOMATIC|MANUAL}] [-q {TRUE|FALSE}] [-j {SHORT|LONG}][-B {NONE|SERVICE_TIME|THROUGHPUT}] [-e {NONE|SESSION|SELECT}][-m {NONE|BASIC}] [-x {TRUE|FALSE}] [-z failover_retries] [-w failover_delay]srvctl add serv -d dev -s sales -r dev01,dev02 -a dev03 -P PRECONNECT
srvctl start service -d db_unique_name [-s "service_name_list" [-n node_name | -i instance_name]] [-o start_options]srvctl start serv -d dev -s devsrvctl start service -d dev -s dev -i dev2
srvctl stop service -d db_unique_name [-s "service_name_list"] [-n node_name | -i instance_name] [-f]srvctl stop service -d dev -s devsrvctl stop serv -d dev -s dev -i dev2
srvctl status service -d db_unique_name [-s "service_name_list"] [-f] [-v]srvctl status service -d dev -s dev -v
srvctl enable service -d db_unique_name -s "service_name_list" [-i instance_name | -n node_name]srvctl enable service -d dev -s devsrvctl enable serv -d dev -s dev -i dev1
srvctl disable service -d db_unique_name -s "service_name_list" [-i instance_name | -n node_name]srvctl disable service -d dev -s "dev,marketing"srvctl disable serv -d dev -s dev -i dev1
srvctl config service -d db_unique_name [-s service_name] [-a]srvctl config service -d dev -s dev
srvctl modify service -d db_unique_name -s service_name[-c {UNIFORM|SINGLETON}] [-P {BASIC|PRECONNECT|NONE}][-l {[PRIMARY]|[PHYSICAL_STANDBY]|[LOGICAL_STANDBY]|[SNAPSHOT_STANDBY]} [-q {TRUE|FALSE}] [-x {TRUE|FALSE}] [-j {SHORT|LONG}] [-B {NONE|SERVICE_TIME|THROUGHPUT}] [-e {NONE|SESSION|SELECT}] [-m {NONE|BASIC}] [-z failover_retries] [-w failover_delay] [-y {AUTOMATIC|MANUAL}]srvctl modify service -d db_unique_name -s service_name -i old_instance_name -t new_instance_name [-f]srvctl modify service -d db_unique_name -s service_name -i avail_inst_name -r [-f]srvctl modify service -d db_unique_name -s service_name -n -i preferred_list [-a available_list] [-f]srvctl modify service -d dev -s dev -i dev1 -t dev2srvctl modify serv -d dev -s dev -i dev1 -rsrvctl modify service -d dev -s dev -n -i dev1 -a dev2
srvctl relocate service -d db_unique_name -s service_name {-c source_node -n target_node|-i old_instance_name -t new_instance_name} [-f]srvctl relocate service -d dev -s dev -i dev1 -t dev3


#srvctl add nodeapps -n node_name -o ORACLE_HOME -A name|ip/netmask[/if1[|if2|...]]#srvctl add nodeapps -n lnx02 -o $ORACLE_HOME -A
#srvctl remove nodeapps -n node_names [-f]
#srvctl start nodeapps -n node_name     -- Starts GSD, VIP, listener & ONS
#srvctl stop nodeapps -n node_name [-r] -- Stops GSD, VIP, listener & ONS
#srvctl status nodeapps -n node_name
#srvctl config nodeapps -n node_name [-a] [-g] [-o] [-s] [-l]-a Display VIP configuration-g Display GSD configuration-s Display ONS daemon configuration-l Display listener configuration
#srvctl modify nodeapps -n node_name [-A new_vip_address]#srvctl modify nodeapps -n lnx06 -A
#srvctl getenv nodeapps -n node_name [-t name_list]
#srvctl setenv nodeapps -n node_name {-t "name=val[,name=val,...]"|-T "name=val"}#srvctl setenv nodeapps –n adcracdbq3 –t “TNS_ADMIN=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.1/asm/network/admin”
#srvctl unsetenv nodeapps -n node_name [-t name_list]
In 11g Release 2, some command's syntax has been changed:srvctl add nodeapps -n node_name -A {name|ip}/netmask[/if1[|if2|...]] [-m multicast_ip_address] [-p multicast_port_number] [-l ons_local_port] [-r ons_remote-port] [-t host[:port][,host[:port],...]] [-v]srvctl add nodeapps -S subnet/netmask[/if1[|if2|...]] [-d dhcp_server_type] [-m multicast_ip_address] [-p multicast_port_number] [-l ons_local_port] [-r ons_remote-port] [-t host[:port][,host[:port],...]] [-v]#srvctl add nodeapps -n devnode1 -A
srvctl remove nodeapps [-f] [-y] [-v]srvctl remove nodeapps
srvctl start nodeapps [-n node_name] [-v]srvctl start nodeapps
srvctl stop nodeapps [-n node_name] [-r] [-v]srvctl stop nodeapps
srvctl status nodeapps
srvctl enable nodeapps [-g] [-v]srvctl enable nodeapps -g -v
srvctl disable nodeapps [-g] [-v]srvctl disable nodeapps -g -v
srvctl config nodeapps [-a] [-g] [-s] [-e]srvctl config nodeapps -a -g -s -e
srvctl modify nodeapps [-n node_name -A new_vip_address] [-S subnet/netmask[/if1[|if2|...]] [-m multicast_ip_address] [-p multicast_port_number] [-e eons_listen_port] [-l ons_local_port] [-r ons_remote_port] [-t host[:port][,host:port,...]] [-v]srvctl modify nodeapps -n mynode1 -A 100.200.300.40/
srvctl getenv nodeapps [-a] [-g] [-s] [-e] [-t "name_list"] [-v]srvctl getenv nodeapps -a
srvctl setenv nodeapps {-t "name=val[,name=val][...]" | -T "name=val"} [-v]srvctl setenv nodeapps -T "CLASSPATH=/usr/local/jdk/jre/rt.jar" -v
srvctl unsetenv nodeapps -t "name_list" [-v]srvctl unsetenv nodeapps -t "test_var1,test_var2"


srvctl add asm -n node_name -i asminstance -o ORACLE_HOME [-p spfile]
srvctl remove asm -n node_name [-i asminstance] [-f]srvctl remove asm -n db6
srvctl start asm -n node_name [-i asminstance] [-o start_options] [-c connect_str|-q]srvctl start asm -n node_name [-i asminstance] [-o open]srvctl start asm -n node_name [-i asminstance] -o nomountsrvctl start asm -n node_name [-i asminstance] -o mountsrvctl start asm -n linux01
srvctl stop asm -n node_name [-i asminstance] [-o stop_options] [-c connect_str|-q]srvctl stop asm -n node_name [-i asminstance] [-o normal]srvctl stop asm -n node_name [-i asminstance] -o transactionalsrvctl stop asm -n node_name [-i asminstance] -o immediatesrvctl stop asm -n node_name [-i asminstance]-o abortsrvctl stop asm -n racnode1srvctl stop asm -n devnode1 -i +asm1
srvctl status asm -n node_namesrvctl status asm -n racnode1
srvctl enable asm -n node_name [-i asminstance]srvctl enable asm -n lnx03 -i +asm3
srvctl disable asm -n node_name [-i asminstance]srvctl disable asm -n lnx02 -i +asm2 srvctl config asm -n node_namesrvctl config asm -n lnx08
srvctl modify asm -n node_name -i asminstance [-o ORACLE_HOME] [-p spfile]srvctl modify asm –n rac6 -i +asm6 –o /u01/app/oracle/product/11.1/asm

asm_diskstring]srvctl add asmsrvctl add asm -l LISTENERASM -p +dg_data/spfile.ora

srvctl remove asm [-f]srvctl remove asm -f
srvctl start asm [-n node_name] [-o start_options]srvctl start asm -n devnode1
srvctl stop asm [-n node_name] [-o stop_options] [-f]srvctl stop asm -n devnode1 -f
srvctl status asm [-n node_name] [-a]srvctl status asm -n devnode1 -a
srvctl enable asm [-n node_name]srvctl enable asm -n devnode1
srvctl disable asm [-n node_name]srvctl disable asm -n devnode1
srvctl config asm [-a]srvctl config asm -a
srvctl modify asm [-l lsnr_name] [-p spfile] [-d asm_diskstring]srvctl modify asm [-n node_name] [-l listener_name] [-d asm_diskstring] [-p spfile_path_name]srvctl modify asm -l lsnr1
srvctl getenv asm [-t name[, ...]]srvctl getenv asm
srvctl setenv asm {-t "name=val [,...]" | -T "name=value"}srvctl setenv asm -t LANG=en
srvctl unsetenv asm -t "name[, ...]"srvctl unsetenv asm -t CLASSPATH

srvctl add listener -n node_name -o ORACLE_HOME [-l listener_name] 
srvctl remove listener -n node_name [-l listener_name] -- 11g R1 command
srvctl start listener -n node_name [-l listener_names]srvctl start listener -n node1
srvctl stop listener -n node_name [-l listener_names]srvctl stop listener -n node1
srvctl status listener [-n node_name] [-l listener_names] -- 11g R1 commandsrvctl status listener -n node2
srvctl config listener -n node_name
srvctl modify listener -n node_name [-l listener_names] -o ORACLE_HOME           

 listener -n racdb4 -o /u01/app/oracle/product/11.1/asm -l "LISTENER_RACDB4"
In 11g Release 2, some command's syntax has been changed:srvctl add listener [-l lsnr_name] [-s] [-p "[TCP:]port[, ...][/IPC:key][/NMP:pipe_name][/TCPS:s_port] [/SDP:port]"] [-k network_number] [-o ORACLE_HOME]srvctl add listener -l LISTENERASM -p "TCP:1522" -o $ORACLE_HOMEsrvctl add listener -l listener112 -p 1341 -o /ora/ora112
srvctl remove listener [-l lsnr_name|-a] [-f]srvctl remove listener -l lsnr01
srvctl stop listener [-n node_name] [-l lsnr_name] [-f]
srvctl enable listener [-l lsnr_name] [-n node_name]srvctl enable listener -l listener_dev -n node5
srvctl disable listener [-l lsnr_name] [-n node_name]srvctl disable listener -l listener_dev -n node5
srvctl config listener [-l lsnr_name] [-a]srvctl config listener
srvctl modify listener [-l listener_name] [-o oracle_home] [-u user_name] [-p "[TCP:]port_list[/IPC:key][/NMP:pipe_name][/TCPS:s_port][/SDP:port]"] [-k network_number]srvctl modify listener -n node1 -p "TCP:1521,1522"
srvctl getenv listener [-l lsnr_name] [-t name[, ...]]srvctl getenv listener
srvctl setenv listener [-l lsnr_name] {-t "name=val [,...]" | -T "name=value"}srvctl setenv listener -t LANG=en
srvctl unsetenv listener [-l lsnr_name] -t "name[, ...]"srvctl unsetenv listener -t "TNS_ADMIN"

Disk group:-

srvctl remove diskgroup -g diskgroup_name [-n node_list] [-f]srvctl remove diskgroup -g DG1 -f
srvctl start diskgroup -g diskgroup_name [-n node_list]srvctl start diskgroup -g diskgroup1 -n node1,node2
srvctl stop diskgroup -g diskgroup_name [-n node_list] [-f]srvctl stop diskgroup -g ASM_FRA_DGsrvctl stop diskgroup -g dg1 -n node1,node2 -f
srvctl status diskgroup -g diskgroup_name [-n node_list] [-a]srvctl status diskgroup -g dg_data -n node1,node2 -a
srvctl enable diskgroup -g diskgroup_name [-n node_list]srvctl enable diskgroup -g diskgroup1 -n node1,node2
srvctl disable diskgroup -g diskgroup_name [-n node_list]srvctl disable diskgroup -g dg_fra -n node1, node2

srvctl start home -o ORACLE_HOME -s state_file [-n node_name]srvctl start home -o /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1 -s ~/state.txt
srvctl stop home -o ORACLE_HOME -s state_file [-t stop_options] [-n node_name] [-f]srvctl stop home -o /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1 -s ~/state.txt
srvctl status home -o ORACLE_HOME -s state_file [-n node_name]srvctl status home -o /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1 -s ~/state.txt

ONS (Oracle Notification Service):

srvctl add ons [-l ons-local-port] [-r ons-remote-port] [-t host[:port][,host[:port]...]] [-v]srvctl add ons -l 6200
srvctl remove ons [-f] [-v]srvctl remove ons -f
srvctl start ons [-v]srvctl start ons -v
srvctl stop ons [-v]srvctl stop ons -v
srvctl status ons
srvctl enable ons [-v]srvctl enable ons
srvctl disable ons [-v]srvctl disable ons
srvctl config ons
srvctl modify ons [-l ons-local-port] [-r ons-remote-port] [-t host[:port][,host[:port]...]] [-v]srvctl modify ons

EONS (E Oracle Notification Service):
srvctl add eons [-p portnum] [-m multicast-ip-address] [-e eons-listen-port] [-v]#srvctl add eons -p 2018
srvctl remove eons [-f] [-v]srvctl remove eons -f
srvctl start eons [-v]srvctl start eons
srvctl stop eons [-f] [-v]srvctl stop eons -f
srvctl status eons
srvctl enable eons [-v]srvctl enable eons
srvctl disable eons [-v]srvctl disable eons
srvctl config eons
srvctl modify eons [-m multicast_ip_address] [-p multicast_port_number] [-e eons_listen_port] [-v]srvctl modify eons -p 2018

srvctl add filesystem -d volume_device -v volume_name -g diskgroup_name [-m mountpoint_path] [-u user_name]srvctl add filesystem -d /dev/asm/d1volume1 -v VOLUME1 -d RAC_DATA -m /oracle/cluster1/acfs1
srvctl remove filesystem -d volume_device_name [-f]srvctl remove filesystem -d /dev/asm/racvol1
srvctl start filesystem -d volume_device_name [-n node_name]srvctl start filesystem -d /dev/asm/racvol3
srvctl stop filesystem -d volume_device_name [-n node_name] [-f]srvctl stop filesystem -d /dev/asm/racvol1 -f
srvctl status filesystem -d volume_device_namesrvctl status filesystem -d /dev/asm/racvol2
srvctl enable filesystem -d volume_device_namesrvctl enable filesystem -d /dev/asm/racvol9
srvctl disable filesystem -d volume_device_namesrvctl disable filesystem -d /dev/asm/racvol1
srvctl config filesystem -d volume_device_path
srvctl modify filesystem -d volume_device_name -u user_namesrvctl modify filesystem -d /dev/asm/racvol1 -u sysadmin

SrvPool (Server Pool):
srvctl add srvpool -g server_pool [-i importance] [-l min_size] [-u max_size] [-n node_list] [-f]srvctl add srvpool -g SP1 -i 1 -l 3 -u 7 -n node1,node2
srvctl remove srvpool -g server_poolsrvctl remove srvpool -g srvpool1
srvctl status srvpool [-g server_pool] [-a]srvctl status srvpool -g srvpool2 -a
srvctl config srvpool [-g server_pool]srvctl config srvpool -g dbpool
srvctl modify srvpool -g server_pool [-i importance] [-l min_size] [-u max_size] [-n node_name_list] [-f]srvctl modify srvpool -g srvpool4 -i 0 -l 2 -u 4 -n node3, node4

srvctl status server -n "server_name_list" [-a]srvctl status server -n server11 -a
srvctl relocate server -n "server_name_list" -g server_pool_name [-f]srvctl relocate server -n "linux1, linux2" -g sp2

Scan (Single client access name):
srvctl add scan -n scan_name [-k network_number] [-S subnet/netmask[/if1[|if2|...]]]#srvctl add scan -n
srvctl remove scan [-f]srvctl remove scansrvctl remove scan -f
srvctl start scan [-i ordinal_number] [-n node_name]srvctl start scansrvctl start scan -i 1 -n node1
srvctl stop scan [-i ordinal_number] [-f]srvctl stop scansrvctl stop scan -i 1
srvctl status scan [-i ordinal_number]srvctl status scansrvctl status scan -i 1
srvctl enable scan [-i ordinal_number]srvctl enable scansrvctl enable scan -i 1
srvctl disable scan [-i ordinal_number]srvctl disable scansrvctl disable scan -i 3
srvctl config scan [-i ordinal_number]srvctl config scansrvctl config scan -i 2
srvctl modify scan -n scan_namesrvctl modify scansrvctl modify scan -n scan1
srvctl relocate scan -i ordinal_number [-n node_name]srvctl relocate scan -i 2 -n node2



srvctl add scan_listener [-l lsnr_name_prefix] [-s] [-p "[TCP:]port_list[/IPC:key][/NMP:pipe_name][/TCPS:s_port] [/SDP:port]"]#srvctl add scan_listener -l myscanlistener
srvctl remove scan_listener [-f]srvctl remove scan_listenersrvctl remove scan_listener -f
srvctl start scan_listener [-n node_name] [-i ordinal_number]srvctl start scan_listenersrvctl start scan_listener -i 1
srvctl stop scan_listener [-i ordinal_number] [-f]srvctl stop scan_listener -i 3
srvctl status scan_listener [-i ordinal_number]srvctl status scan_listenersrvctl status scan_listener -i 1
srvctl enable scan_listener [-i ordinal_number]srvctl enable scan_listenersrvctl enable scan_listener -i 2
srvctl disable scan_listener [-i ordinal_number]srvctl disable scan_listenersrvctl disable scan_listener -i 1
srvctl config scan_listener [-i ordinal_number]srvctl config scan_listenersrvctl config scan_listener -i 3
srvctl modify scan_listener {-p [TCP:]port[/IPC:key][/NMP:pipe_name] [/TCPS:s_port][/SDP:port] | -u }srvctl modify scan_listener -u
srvctl relocate scan_listener -i ordinal_number [-n node_name]srvctl relocate scan_listener -i 1

GNS ( Grid Naming Service):

srvctl add gns -i ip_address -d domainsrvctl add gns -i -d
srvctl remove gns [-f]srvctl remove gns
srvctl start gns [-l log_level] [-n node_name]srvctl start gns
srvctl stop gns [-n node_name [-v] [-f]srvctl stop gns
srvctl status gns [-n node_name]srvctl status gns
srvctl enable gns [-n node_name]srvctl enable gns
srvctl disable gns [-n node_name]srvctl disable gns -n devnode2
srvctl config gns [-a] [-d] [-k] [-m] [-n node_name] [-p] [-s] [-V] [-q name] [-l] [-v]srvctl config gns -n lnx03
srvctl modify gns [-i ip_address] [-d domain]srvctl modify gns -i
srvctl relocate gns [-n node_name]srvctl relocate gns -n node2

VIP (Virtual  Interner Protocol):

srvctl add vip -n node_name -A {name|ip}/netmask[/if1[if2|...]] [-k network_number] [-v]#srvctl add vip -n node96 -A -k 2
srvctl remove vip -i "vip_name_list" [-f] [-y] [-v]srvctl remove vip -i "vip1,vip2,vip3" -f -y -v
srvctl start vip {-n node_name|-i vip_name} [-v]srvctl start vip -i dev1-vip -v
srvctl stop vip {-n node_name|-i vip_name} [-r] [-v]srvctl stop vip -n node1 -v
srvctl status vip {-n node_name|-i vip_name}srvctl status vip -i node1-vip
srvctl enable vip -i vip_name [-v]srvctl enable vip -i prod-vip -v
srvctl disable vip -i vip_name [-v]srvctl disable vip -i vip3 -v
srvctl config vip {-n node_name|-i vip_name}srvctl config vip -n devnode2
srvctl getenv vip -i vip_name [-t "name_list"] [-v]srvctl getenv vip -i node1-vip
srvctl setenv vip -i vip_name {-t "name=val[,name=val,...]" | -T "name=val"}srvctl setenv vip -i dev1-vip -t LANG=en
srvctl unsetenv vip -i vip_name -t "name_list" [-v]srvctl unsetenv vip -i myvip -t CLASSPATH

OC4J (Oracle Container for Java):
srvctl add oc4j [-v]srvctl add oc4j
srvctl remove oc4j [-f] [-v]srvctl remove oc4j
srvctl start ocj4 [-v]srvctl start ocj4 -v
srvctl stop oc4j [-f] [-v]srvctl stop oc4j -f -v
srvctl status oc4j [-n node_name]srvctl status oc4j -n lnx01
srvctl enable oc4j [-n node_name] [-v]srvctl enable oc4j -n dev3
srvctl disable oc4j [-n node_name] [-v]srvctl disable oc4j -n dev1
srvctl config oc4j
srvctl modify oc4j -p oc4j_rmi_port [-v]srvctl modify oc4j -p 5385
srvctl relocate oc4j [-n node_name] [-v]srvctl relocate oc4j -n lxn06 -v

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