Friday, 8 April 2016

How to Resolve Virtual IP (VIP) OFFLINE in Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 11gR2?

We have 2 Node Cluster server running on Production , Network team planed and successfully  changed subnet mask  from 255.255.x.x to 255.252.x.x .. suddenly node 1 is went down after changed changed subnet mask.

I checked in cluster statues all the services are up and running but VIP is stopped .      1        OFFLINE  INTERMEDIATE netdb02                  FAILED OVER

Tried to reboot the server but no luck.

# srvctl stop nodeapps -n netdb01 

 srvctl start nodeapps -n netdb01

after stop and started  nodeapps no luck.
[oracle@netdb01 ~]$ srvctl config nodeapps -n netdb01 -a
-n <node_name> option has been deprecated.Network exists: 1/, type staticVIP exists: /netdb01-vip/, hosting node netdb01 i can see old netmask ip configured in database level.

#srvctl modify nodeapps -n netdb01 -A

after modified netmask ip tried to start nodeapps it is successfully started and come in ONLINE.      1        ONLINE  ONLINE       netdb01     

please check and revert.

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